DUBOURGET SERVICES, a sister company in which ARF has 100% ownership, provides cleaning and waste collection services to institutions, industries and the general public. Its flexibility and needs-based approach allows DUBOURGET SERVICES to propose the optimal solution to each specific enquiry. Available 24/7, DUBOURGET SERVICES has proactive teams and high performance equipment to provide you with the fast service you need.

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Industrial cleaning

  • Maintenance of hydrocarbon separators
  • Pumping, curing and cleaning pits, tanks, basins, settling tanks, silos, sand filters, sumps, grease separators, lagoons, etc.
  • High and ultra high pressure cleaning
  • High power vacuum cleaning of powders (special vehicle, discharging into big bags or skips possible)
  • Work in confined, explosive or dangerous atmospheres
  • Work on all types of product: liquid, viscous, sludgy, polluting, toxic, inflammable or powdery

Pumping, cleaning and unblocking

  • Storm water, waste water and soil water pipes and ducts
  • Cleaning and sanitising waste chutes
  • Pumping, cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks and grease separators
  • Curing, cleaning and maintenance of pumping stations, sumps, basins, wells, etc.
  • Curing, cleaning, degassing, neutralising and cutting of tanks (containing hydrocarbons, solvents, etc.)
  • Endoscopy and video inspection with report provided on DVD

Collection and transportation of waste

  • Waste (bulk or packaged) collection by a fleet of specialized vehicles (combined, tanker, Amplirolls, tautliners, tipper trucks) for the transport of bulk or packaged liquid, pasty and solid waste in an appropriate and safe manner
  • Rental of skips, Geoboxes or ADR-approved containers for the collection of ordinary and dangerous industrial waste (with material or energy recovery).
  • Collection and regeneration of industrial oils
  • Collection and treatment of hydrocarbon polluted water

Street cleaning

  • Sweepers with high pressure water jets
  • Cleaning of block paving and urban furniture
  • Pressure washing of all types of media (graffiti, monuments, etc.)