ARF has considerably invested in R&D to optimise or develop new techniques for the processing and valorisation of waste.

In this respect, ARF participates/has participated as leader or partner in several R&D programmes or projects.

1993 - Manufacture of combustible solid residue and solid substitute fuels and development of an injection technique

In partnership with the cement works in Origny Sainte Benoîte [HOLCIM], development of a methodology for the manufacture and injection of solid substitute fuels made from solid industrial waste.


Recycling of mineral-rich waste from industry and institutions for the manufacture of hydraulic binders used in road-building thus preserving our natural resources (clay and lime).

2011-2014 – ARFMINERVAL Programme (Call for ECO-INDUSTRIAL projects)

Recycling of mineral waste into secondary raw materials to replace lime and clay in the manufacture of hydraulic binders and for diverse applications.

2011-2013 – Valorisation of aerosol cans

Design and realisation of a dedicated line for the treatment and valorisation of aerosol and spray cans (first of its kind in France)

2012 to now – PROVALLEE (Call for ECO-INDUSTRIAL projects)

Plastic waste recycling programme in partnership with St Pellenc (Optical sorting system) and the CREPIM laboratory for the production of high quality recycled raw materials which can be used directly by plastics processing companies (no need for compounding).

2014 to now – DESHYBOU (Call for ECO-INDUSTRIAL projects)

Research and development programme conducted within the framework of a large consortium of universities and industrial firms with the aim of developing innovative methods for dehydrating industrial and urban sludge (electro-dehydration).