Incineration of industrial waste with energy recovery

ARF has two incineration units in the Aisne department of France (Vendeuil and Chauny) capable of treating a wide range of solid waste (soiled packaging and materials, filtration or sludge cakes, etc.), liquid waste (paints, glues, varnishes, solvents, hydrocarbon sludge, polluted water, resins, etc.).

ARF takes care of the certified destruction of your sensitive waste (customs seizures, unsold luxury goods, clearances, scrapped goods, etc.).

Our incinerators have efficient smoke treatment systems with constant monitoring of the emissions and their impact on the environment.

The steam generated by the air/water heat exchanger that cools the smoke is recovered to produce energy that is sold to neighbouring industrial or power generation sites.


Evaporation of process water


The facilities of SHL in Gondecourt (Nord department) are used to treat industrial water and hydrocarbon-polluted water from settling basins and water/hydrocarbon separators.

The site has a MVC (mechanical vapour compression) plant that processes steam at a rate of 3.5 t per hour in order to separate the condensate phase from the aqueous phase, which is then biologically treated before being discharged into the environment.