ARF was set up in 1984 for the collection of hazardous industrial waste and has over the years opened several treatment works in the Hauts de France region of northern France. It therefore has far greater autonomy than that of the main domestic and international operators particularly with regard to the treatment of industrial waste.

An independent company

An independent company, our autonomy gives us the necessary flexibility and proactiveness for providing reliable services with a maximum of guarantees in compliance with the environmental regulations in force.

Waste valorisation - our goal

Via our various plants and sister companies, ARF offers a wide range of highly qualified services for the collection and treatment of industrial waste using energy and materials recovery methods, as well as on-site management of industrial waste.

The company has four treatment units capable of processing 364,000 tons of dangerous waste per year.

Innovation and quality

ARF has considerably invested in R&D to optimise or develop new techniques for the processing and valorisation of waste.

ISO 9001 certified, quality is a priority for ARF. We have also undertaken to put in place a management system for the environment, health and safety at work in accordance with standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Research, Development and Quality are all commitments that illustrate ARF's determination to stay at the cutting edge of waste processing for the greater satisfaction of our customers.