The ARF'in subsidiary of ARF offers customized waste management solutions in your factory, from its generation in-process to its elimination.

Prior survey of your needs

On the basis of our wide experience with some well-known firms in the metallurgy, automotive and chemicals sectors we use our expertise to offer the right solutions for your process, with the flexibility and fast response your need.

A prior survey will be conducted by an environmental manager in order to be able to find the best solution for your company and optimise the management of your waste :

  • Analysis of the situation (type and volume of waste)
  • Study of the collection routes (frequency, resources)
  • Examination of the existing treatment options
  • Integration of your work and process organisation
  • Diagnosis and recommendations
  • Complete management of waste in your factory (operational and documentary)
  • Pre-treatment engineering on site
  • Innovations in collection methods
  • Improvement plan


Organisation and monitoring of waste

On the basis of this prior survey, ARF'in will make its recommendations and provide a full waste management plan with equal attention to your environmental, technical and financial concerns. This plan will be discussed before being approved and implemented. The plan covers all stages of waste management, from its collection on the production line, to its storage and valorisation.

Qualified personnel and team leader

Our teams are made up of operators trained in the handling of dangerous industrial waste and the related risks. ARF'in will assign a team leader, specialised in environmental issues, who will supervise the teams and ensure they follow health and safety and environmental rules. The team leader will be your contact person and will work under the authority of the environment manager.